Libraries in Niagara Cooperative


The Libraries in Niagara Cooperative (LiNC) was established in 2010. This cooperative library consortium, consisting of one college and four public libraries, was created to share an open source library catalogue system called Evergreen.

LiNC is a collaborative venture and succeeds due to the efforts of its members. LiNC’s integrated library system is housed and managed in one location, and LiNC’s libraries contribute annually to costs associated with the integrated library system. Costs to manage a comparable proprietary system would be significantly more.

In June 2017 we added resource sharing between LiNC libraries.


Frequently Asked Questions for LINC


LiNC Sharing

We are pleased to announce that LiNC has worked out a temporary solution to deal with the loss of provincial delivery services. There will be a once/week delivery from each library but the days may vary depending on the library. If you're item is not owned by any of these libraries, you can request an interlibrary loan at the library or email Carole at

LiNC Libraries:

• Fort Erie Public Library

• Lincoln Public Library

• Niagara College Library

• Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library

• Pelham Public Library

• Thorold Public Library