Storytime With Cubetto Program


Hi! I’m Cubetto! A friendly wooden robot for small hands with big imaginations. When we’re together, there’s no reading to do - just listening, thinking, solving problems and having fun! I’ll help you learn computer programming through hands-on play. My blocks are code you can touch. My board is my control panel. Use the blocks to write programs that help me go from A to B. We’ll visit cities, galaxies, oceans. And where we go is up to you. So what are we waiting for? I’m Cubetto. Let’s play!



What is Storytime with Cubetto


Join us for Virtual Storytime with Cubetto! Your child will help Cubetto navigate the story board with their own version of his control board, and learn different skills that are the foundations of coding in one-on-one zoom calls. They will use the coding blocks to program Cubetto as he takes a journey through story grids as we explore a story together. As this program is geared for ages 3-5, there is no need for your child to be able to read to understand the real fun and creativity that comes with coding.


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