Libraries in Niagara Cooperative


The Libraries in Niagara Cooperative (LiNC) was established in 2010. This cooperative library consortium, consisting of one college and four public libraries, was created to share an open source library catalogue system called Evergreen.

LiNC is a collaborative venture and succeeds due to the efforts of its members. LiNC’s integrated library system is housed and managed in one location, and LiNC’s libraries contribute annually to costs associated with the integrated library system. Costs to manage a comparable proprietary system would be significantly more.

In June 2017 we added resource sharing between LiNC libraries.


Frequently Asked Questions for LINC


LiNC Sharing is Open Again!

We are pleased to announce that LiNC has worked out a temporary solution to deal with the loss of provincial delivery services. Starting the week of May 20, we will be exchanging and returning requested items within LiNC again. There will be a once/week delivery from each library but the days may vary depending on the library. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer inter-library loan services for materials not owned by LiNC libraries. Thank you for your patience!

LiNC Libraries:

• Fort Erie Public Library

• Lincoln Public Library

• Niagara College Library

• Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library

• Pelham Public Library

• Thorold Public Library


Effective immediately, interlibrary loan delivery from libraries outside of LiNC have been suspended until at least May 31st.


We are working with our library partners to find alternatives to interlibrary loan (ILLo) delivery formerly provided by the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS). SOLS is also assessing how they can continue to operate the provincial ILLo system.



The delivery of ILLo and LiNC loans was provided by the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) via their network of courier vans.  The provincial government recently reduced the SOLS budget by over 50% and to absorb this cut, SOLS has eliminated their delivery service.  To control the volume of loans as delivery operations are wound down, ILLo deliveries have been suspended until the end of May. 


At the Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library we offered province-wide interlibrary loans through SOLS and loans within the Niagara region via the LiNC network.  LiNC’s resource sharing began in 2017 and currently includes Niagara-on-the-Lake, Thorold, Pelham, Lincoln, Fort Erie and Niagara College with more Niagara Region libraries looking to join in the future. 


What We’re Doing

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library Board and staff are assessing the ILLo and LiNC loan systems and working with our library partners to determine how loan delivery can continue.  We believe interlibrary loans are a crucial part of our mission of to enrich the community by providing access to the world’s ideas and information.


During the delivery suspension, members can still order items from any of the LiNC libraries. In addition to LiNC borrowing, we also have borrowing agreements with the Welland Public Library and Niagara Falls Public Library.  Using your Niagara-on-the-Lake library card and a piece of ID, you can visit any branch of the Niagara Falls or Welland library systems and apply for a card from that system for free. We do not do deliveries to and from Niagara Falls or Welland.


What You Can Do

We understand these are difficult fiscal times for the province of Ontario and difficult budget decisions must be made.  The Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library will work with its partners and the province of Ontario to provide the best library service to our community including interlibrary and LiNC loans.  We appreciate your patience during this time of adjustment and direct you to these ways of showing support for your local public library:


Provincial Government Contacts

Sam Oosterhoff (Niagara West)

Progressive Conservative Party of Ont.

Unit M1

4961 King St. E

Beamsville, ON, L0R 1B0

Tel: 905-563-1755

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Legislative Building

Queen’s Park

Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Tel: 416-325-1941