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Check out the Makery and utilize and array of new and emerging technologies that previously wouldn’t be accessible. You can access and learn a variety of software that can help you to create anything you can dream up, then you can use our 3D printers, carving machine, and embroidery machine to make those dreams and designs a reality!


MiniToy 3D Printer

The Minitoy 3-D Printer is easy to use and kid friendly. Kids can print a variety of toys, tools, and other accessories with an easy iPad program. Choose from a variety of designs or create your own!


Zortrax 3D Printer

The Zortrax 3-D Printer prints high quality and precise designs. Design and print anything you can imagine using various computer programs. Check out our 3-D printed belt buckle and Mr. Potato Head!


VHS to DVD converter

The Toshiba DVD/VHS recorder makes it easy to convert VHS video to digital DVD. Convert old home videos to DVD to make them easier to store and share!

Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

The Janome Embroidery Machine is easy to use and lets you custom embroider fabrics like t-shirts, hats, table cloths, and more. Use pre-set digital designs or import your own via USB. The machine will stitch it out!



The carvey is an easy to use machine that 3-D Carves a variety of wood, plastic, and light metal. Create your own design with Easel, a web-based computer program. Check out our Phone case and spinner!

Button Maker

Button Maker

The button maker lets you customize and press your very own buttons. Press any 2-D materials into the circular molds to make 1” or 3” buttons. Check out our makery button!