Rotary Room
September 29th 2018 2:00 pm
Fay & Fluffy

Drag performance artists Fay Slift + Fluffy Soufflé invite you and the kids in your life to special events with books and fun! Readings will include their favourite books, and Fay + Fluffy will lead an activity, whether it be dance, drama, or creative arts. We want to support families with LGBTQ2S parent(s) and gender variant children, and read culturally diverse books, by providing a supportive and inclusive environment focused on fun!

About the readers:
JP (Fay) + Kaleb (Fluffy) are both drag performers and experienced child educators. By day JP is an educator with the TDSB. Kaleb is currently an independent Cultural Producer, but is also a child care provider, has worked as a “manny” for years, and had his own home daycare called the Trail Mix Playgroup (cuz we’re a little nutty but we’re good for you).