Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library Location

St. Davids Library Lockers

The St. Davids library lockers are a convenient way to pick up and drop off library items when you don’t have time to visit the Library.  Located in the lobby of the St. Davids Firehall, the lockers can be accessed by NOTL Public Library cardholders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

St. Davids Library Lockers Location

Access the door to the Fire Hall lobby by entering the code which will be sent to you with your hold confirmation via email. Instructions on how to use the Library Lockers are posted in the lobby, don’t forget your library card!

The St. Davids Library Lockers are located in the Fire Hall front lobby. Please use the public parking available behind the firehall.  


Centennial Arena Location



The Virgil Lending Library is located within the Centennial Arena in Virgil at 1565 Four Mile Creek Rd, Virgil.

Centennial Map

The Virgil Lending Library is in the Centennial Arena, not the Meridian Credit Union Arena.

Centennial Entrance